Why social media users need to stop the “savage” trend.

In the world of social media websites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram, it is not uncommon to come across one social trend known as acting “savage.”

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the word “Savage,” means fierce and uncontrolled. An example of “savage” is when a media user will create a post with statements that may be unfiltered and may come off as a bit sassy. Usually these posts are sarcastic, but other times they can have the potential to come off as very disrespectful.

Now, I’m a huge social media fan myself and I would be lying if I said I haven’t posted a sassy sarcastic post before, but I have had enough of this whole acting “savage” trend. The reason being that I feel like this trend is causing us to dehumanize each other. I think we sometimes we forget that after all the smiles and giggles by a sassy post; there’s a person behind a screen who has feelings. We tend to forget that not everyone enjoys the same types of posts as we do and what we may think is socially okay to post, may not be to another.

I find it interesting whenever I see twitter users sub-tweeting harsh statements about other people and those tweets get the most likes over the positive uplifting ones. Why is that? Why do we as a society think these posts are okay? I get that these posts can be funny and witty sometimes, but the “savage” trend is going way too far.

A friend once told me they liked the whole “savage” trend because they enjoyed being sassy with people. When I first heard this statement, I really didn’t know how to react. Yes, I do enjoy acting sassy sometimes myself, but honestly I wouldn’t want someone to act like that to me all the time because it can potentially cause a lot of hurt feelings. People may say I’m too sensitive about this issue, but I feel that we are not realizing the effects of this trend.

The problem of the “savage” trend is that it is slowly creeping into our personalities without us even realizing it. We may think that we are just joking around here and there, but if we are acting this way every so often, potentially our mentality is going to change when we fall into this trend.

There are so many posts, particularly among the millennial generation, that give advice about relationships, friendship or about life. Usually these social media posts respond with negative solutions instead of positive ones. For example, a relationships post on social media will usually result in us being mad towards the person we care about because our expectations aren’t being meant. And instead of working to keep the relationship with the person we care about, we end up hurting them because the savage trend tells us to stop caring about those who matter the most to us and worry about ourselves and what we “deserve.” And I don’t know about any of you, but this is a serious problem.

Right now, we live in a time where social media users receive instant gratification. We can post whenever want, we can binge watch YouTube videos whenever we want, we can do anything we want in the time that we want it when it comes to social media. But, we sometimes forget that there is no app for working at relationships, achieving success and etc in real life. Instead of listening to these savage relationship posts on social media that tell us to move on and get rid of the person we care about, we should do the opposite. We should truly care for the people that matter most to us and not give up on them just because we have hard feelings. It’s more cool to actually care for someone than to give up on someone.

With this being said, I hope next time you see a “savage” post or action, that you won’t get caught up in that mindset because the effects of this trend can affect you more than you realize. ALWAYS, remember that it is more important to be kind than to be “savage.” May god bless! 🙂

— Kim





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