New upcoming Netflix TV series causing uproar in the media and here’s why!

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing around YouTube and I came across a video of a trailer for a new Netflix TV series called “Dear White People.” I clicked on this video because the title of the series instantly caught my attention.  I watched the 34 secs video and I was left speechless.

“Dear White People,” is about a group of diverse college students who investigate racial and discriminatory issues.  Now, I personally believe that we still do have racist discrimination today in our society and we are foolish if we think otherwise. However, a show like this is not going to help end racist discrimination, it’s actually the quite opposite. In this trailer spot, the student points out acceptable Halloween costumes white people can wear. To have a show bash on race, whatever the race may be, is ethically wrong!

People might think that I’m offended because they might think, “She’s offended because she doesn’t realize how privileged she is.” First off, I do 100% believe that white people need to step up and be the voice to end racial discrimination. White people can deny it all they want, but they are the most privileged race in global society. But, this trailer is not about white privilege, it’s about promoting racial disrimination and that’s why I’m offended.I’m offended because I’m a humanist! I am person who embraces diversity in my life and I love every thing that celebrates human kind. I embrace the individuality and the values of what makes every human being unique. To have a show that in my mind, promotes us human beings to de-humanize each other by race is inhumane!  It’s interesting to see the comments on YouTube for this trailer TV spot. Most of the viewers are disturbed by this upcoming Netflix series. There are viewers who aren’t white who are offended. There are viewer’s who are African-American that are calling the show racist as well. This upcoming TV show isn’t heading toward the direction of ending racial discrimination, it’s promoting the unhealthy and inhumane ways to do so.

My fellow media users, do you not see what is coming for our society as human kind? Do you not see that the only people discussing the topic of racism is the media? Do you not realize there are people like George Soros out there, who purposely invest in this crap to create a division in the United States and potentially globally? Do you not see that the fall of human kind and the way we view each other is becoming PURPOSEFULLY skewed by falling for irrational beliefs? I say all of this not to offend, but to have all of us wake up and realize what is happening in our society. And the reality is that the media wants us to divide, they want us to de-humanize each other and to hate each other. If we want to end racial discrimination, we need to do so without the media. We need to do the opposite of the media. They’re promoting hate and the only thing we can do that’s opposite of them is to promote love for one other.

So Dear Human Kind, support and stand by each other, embrace one another and lastly love one another. Don’t understimate the power of love. May God Bless!




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