Why Equality is a Contradiction in Society

In modern 21st Century, many individuals in society have consumed the idea of “Equality.”

First off, what defines the term “Equality.” The definition of “Equality” means: to be in a state of equal; in quantity, value, degree, or ability. (Directionary.com) Many left-winged and right-winged individuals have a desire to achieve this overall goal of making males and females become equal. But the problem of all human beings becoming equal is that it destroys an individuals’¬†identity; if you really think about it. If each human being on this Earth was equal to everyone else, there would be no uniqueness. This is where “Equality” becomes a contradictory ideal in society. Society tells us nowadays to be “Unique” and to be “Ourselves,” but yet most of society are fighting for an ideal of equality that destroys uniqueness and individuality.

Being “Equal” in our abilities is an unrealistic ideology. WHY? Because men and women were created to perform different abilities. A woman’s ability is to birth and nurture a child. A man’s ability is to help create a child’s life and to support that child. Yes I agree, both men and women can do similar tasks like careers and parenting style, but when it comes to our ability to create life or our mental capabilities; the two genders are different. Women have a brain that can connect every piece of information with an emotional attachment to it. Men have a brain which works in compartments with a logical attachment to it. Men and Womens’ abilities are completely different in nature. If each human being had to think the same, act the same, be valued the same; it wouldn’t work because each gender was built to perform different tasks than the other gender. Men weren’t made for the abilities that women have; neither are women made for the abilities of men.

The only part of “Equality” that could work is equal pay. I believe women should be paid the same amount in the workplace. I also believe that men and women should be equal in the roles of marriage and in a family; to work together as one. But if society keeps striving to obtain this unrealistic agenda of “Equality” in everything, there wouldn’t be happiness, surprises or uniqueness. Everyone would just be a copy of everyone else and that is NOT supporting the society claims of being ourselves and being unique. Because when we become equal like everyone else, no one can express themselves and that to me is a terrifying thought.

So before society tries to fight for the overall goal of obtaining “Equality,” let us think of what we will be destroying and that is ourselves.


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