8 Interesting Facts about Me

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I last posted and with that, I’ve decided for those reading this, to get to know more about me. So here are 8 interesting facts that you might not know about me.


#1: When I was in Kindergarten, I was diagnosed with selective mutism. Selective mutism is where you choose who and when you would communicate with someone. I really struggled with talking to adults during this age, but now I’m a communications major at University. It’s truly amazing, how much God can change your life because 5 year-old me, would never have guessed I would make it to where I am today.

#2: Even though I don’t have selective mutism anymore, I battle with anxiety, mostly social anxiety. For those who grew up in the classroom with me; I was the student who never raised her hand in class and I would get extremely nervous if the teacher wanted me to answer a question. I still struggle sometimes with classroom discussion till this day, but I try to break out of the social anxiety spectrum little by little.

#3: I love to sing, but I’m literally horrible at singing hymns at church on the right pitch. Most people who follow me on Snapchat will get snippets of me jamming out to some Ed Sheeran or Charlie Puth. It’s easier for me to sing radio songs than actual church hymns, I have no idea why, but it’s the truth!

#4: I’m a sucker for oldies music. Many people might think I just listen to pop radio all the time, which is somewhat true. But, I pretty much know every single lyric of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Plus, my all time favorite songs would be “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder and “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. Those two songs will instantly brighten my mood.

#5: When I was 8 years old, I started crocheting lessons. I took crochet lessons till my senior year of high school. Twila Rockwell was my dear teacher and she’s the most craziest loving woman I’ve ever met. She taught me to not only crochet, but how to be a lover of life as well.

#6: My family is full of diversity. My brother John, who is the oldest, is married to my sister-in-law Barb, who is from Canada and together they have four children. My sister Leslie, is married to my brother-in-law Fidel, who is from Mexico and together they have two kids, plus six kids from Fidel’s previous marriage. My brother Steven, who has an adorable little dog named Dino, came out a few years ago and is still embracing who he is and working hard. My brother Bradley is married to my sister-in-law Monica, who is Asian-African American and she has two kids from previous partners.

So all together, I’m a sibling to four and an aunt of twelve nieces and nephews. I love the diversity that my family brings and hopefully I can add into the mix with my future husband, who knows!


#7: I love to dance. Growing up, I took dancing lessons until 7th grade. Unfortunately, I quit dance due to bullying. There was this one girl who would always trash talk me in elementary school and I felt I just needed a break from the girls in the dance scene. However, that never stopped my love for dance. My favorite go to workout is always dancing to the Fitness Marshall, Zumba or creating my own dance moves. I’m usually a closet dancer, but when it came to roommate dance parties in college, I didn’t shy away.

#8: I’ve never seen Star Wars. Now, Star Wars fans, please don’t come after me. I have never had the interest in seeing these movies because growing up, I just watched what my mom watched. My mom’s love for chick flicks rubbed off on me and I’ve probably seen every chick flick at least twice. I hope to one day be in the mood for a Star Wars marathon, but for now I’m good.

These are just some interesting facts about me. Check out my blog soon for future posts. Also, if you would like to check out past and current news articles I have written, check my “News Article Work” page on my site! Have a good week!

— Kim



Left My Heart In Oahu

One long car ride to Vegas, 3 connecting flights with two layovers was all it took to enter the beautiful state of Hawaii.

What brought me to the majestic island of Oahu? Well, a wedding of course! Not just any wedding though, a destination wedding for my brother Brad and his new wife Monica. So with this, my parents and I came saved up enough money to come travel to witness their special day!

We packed up on a Wednesday night from Utah and entered Hawaii on Thursday night, 15 hours of flight travel in all, from: Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles to Honolulu. Now people may ask, why three flights? And the answer to this question was because we wanted the cheapest airfare. A round-trip ticket one-way to Hawaii costs around $600-$700. A round-trip ticket out of Vegas with two connecting flights only cost us $370 each. That’s a steal! But it was hard to stay awake and comfortable during the 15 hours of travel, I’d have to say. Anyways, when we finally reached Hawaii, I knew I was going to love it there.

We stayed in a hotel in the city of Honolulu, near Waikiki beach. Waikiki is one of most popular beaches in Oahu and because of this; there are tourists EVERYWHERE! There were always people walking on the streets in Waikiki to go to the beach or shop at the retail stores. This was the view from our hotel balcony.  We were on the highest floor which was the 10th floor. Ounnamed (16)ur hotel wasn’t the most luxurious, but it was sufficient enough for our needs. The view made up for it though. In Honolulu, there’s a lot of condos because that’s where most of the people live. Also, Waikiki seemed to be party central as there was a sports bar connected with our hotel, which would wake us up in the middle of the night during our stay some nights. But our hotel was close to the shops and the wedding events.

Friday was our first major day in Hawaii. We woke up pretty early due to jet-lag and ate breakfast at a cute little sit-down restaurant called “Seaside Bar & Grill.” This place offers pretty cheap breakfast with good quality food and great service. After we had breakfast, we walked around Waikiki and went for a little walk on Waikiki beach and went shopping at an ABC store and Ross. I think everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge Ross lover and of course I had to go to a Ross store in Hawaii. So I went and bought a Hawaiian dress for me and my friend Megan that I just had to buy! After shopping, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for my brother’s wedding.

My brother Brad and his new wife Monica met on an online dating site and they decided to have a destination wedding at a little chapel connected with the Hilton hotel in Waikiki. The chapel was decorated in simple decor of glittering tea light candles in glass jars aligning the walkway. The ceremony featured a young man who was singing love tunes while playing his ukulele. The chapel had a breath-taking view of the Hilton resort and the ocean. The view looked like a scene off a postcard or a movie. It was spectacular!

unnamed (28)
The view from the wedding chapel.


We arrived at the chapel after a pretty hefty rainstorm to witness the ceremony. The ceremony was simple and sweet. I have never seen my brother look so happy. I knew he had met the woman of his dreams and he seemed that he was excited for his new journey of life of marriage.

My brother Brad and his new wife Monica at Waikiki beach on their wedding day.

After the ceremony, we headed off in all of our Ubers to the reception at Duke’s Waikiki restuarant where we took pictures while the reception area was being prepped. During this time, I took the opporunity to take a photo with my new sister Monica on Waikiki beach.

Me and my new sister Monica.

The reception area of the wedding took place on a patio on the Waikiki beach. It was decorated with a bunch of candles on the tables, gold chairs, white rose pedals and more.

unnamed (25)
Table Setting at the Reception

There were two musicians to provide musical entertainment during the night and also an Hawaiian dancer.


unnamed (24)
The reception at Duke’s Waikiki.

The dinner menu consisted of chicken, seafood, sirloin steak and more delicious food. There were also two great toasts given to Brad and Monica from the Maid of Honor and the Best Man. Overall, the reception was a magical dream! Never would I ever thought I would be attending a wedding reception on a beach in Hawaii. It was an unforgettable moment, I wish to relive again and again.


After the reception, we headed back to our hotel to get a good night’s rest for the next big day in Hawaii. On Saturday of our stay, we got up early to drive to Laie, Hawaii to do a temple session at the Laie LDS temple and also to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Doing an endowment session in the temple was an amazing opportunity to witness. The spirit of the people of Hawaii made the session so special for my parents and I.

unnamed (23)
My parents and I after attending a temple session at the Laie, Hawaii LDS temple.

Once we finished the temple session, we walked around the temple grounds and found two sister missionaries who were more than willing to take a picture of us in front of the temple for us to treasure forever.


The Polynesian Cultural Center was next our stop. We got to tour all the different Polynesian villages to learn more about each polynesian culture. My favorite village we visited was the Samoan village because the host was entertaining and it’s known in their culture that the men do the cooking and cleaning for their family, which I thought was very endearing to discover. Later in the evening, my parents and I attended a Luau, where the workers greeted us with a fresh lei made up with purple flowers. The food at the luau was great and we ended the night with a show called the “Breathe of Life,” which told a story about a couple who gave birth to a little boy and it shows the boy’s life journey and how eventually it comes full circle by gaining a family of his own. The show also featured a ton of fire tricks and dancing, which was always a treat to watch. I would definitely recommend touring the Polynesian center for anyone who is planning a vacation to a Hawaii. What’s great about the Polynesian center is that all the profits help pay tuition for students who are attending BYU Hawaii. 75% of the workers there are students working for their tuition costs.

unnamed (22)
The Tahitian island waving to the audience during a show at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

On Sunday, my parents and I decided to have a more relaxed day. So we had brunch with the newlyweds and then headed off to tour around the island of Oahu. We stopped at many lookout points and I could only remember the name of a few. We stopped at Pali and Blowhole lookout and of course the beach, where my mother accientally had a run in with a wave current. She was okay and we kept touring around the diffrent toursit lookouts on the island. Each tourist lookout views were gorgeous for a rainy day in Hawaii.

After driving around the island, we ended up in the town of Kailua, where there was a street fair being hosted. The street fair contained a bunch of food, art showings, shopping booths and musical entertainment.

unnamed (18)
The Marine Band at the street fair in Kailua.

The musical entertainment at the street fair was a Marine band, who would play a variety of music. Also, we found a grocery store to buy a few things. Shopping at a grocery store in Hawaii was such a fun experience because the stores are pretty small, but the environment was warm and welcoming.


Our last day in Hawaii was Monday the 1st of May. Before our red-eye flight to head back home, we went to visit Pearl Harbor. During our time at Pearl Harbor, we got free tickets to tour the USS Arizona Memorial. To tour the memorial, you watch a 15 to 20 minute movie of showing the history of the Japanese attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor back on December 7th, 1941. Once the movie ends, you then take a boat to the memorial. The memorial is built over the site of the USS Arizona battleship and to this day, the ship is still leaking oil. Over a 1,000 sailors and marines lay to rest at this memorial site.

Not only did we tour the USS Arizona, we also toured the battleship Missouri which was where the official declaration of ending World War 2 was made official. Tourists get to tour the exterior and also the interior of the ship.

unnamed (26)
The USS Missouri Battleship where the ending of World War 2 was made official.

When you enter the inside of the ship you get to see museum photos, the beds where the sailors slept, where they ate, the equipment they used and more. Overall, when you tour Pearl Harbor you can feel the spirit of the souls who left their mark at Pearl Harbor during the attack. The feelings you get are unbelievable and unforgettable.


Pearl Harbor was our last memory on our trip in Hawaii and then we headed off on a red-eye flight to LAX airport to take a connecting flight to Las Vegas to drive back home to Utah.

I will never forget all the treasured memories I made in Hawaii. The people, the food, the culture, the breath-taking views will always be in my heart. I hope to one day come back to the beautiful state that keeps me day-dreaming to come back to explore more. But for now, I can only say Mahalo Hawaii. I’ll be seeing you again someday.


– – Kim





Never Underestimate an Introvert

Introversion vs. Extraversion: one of the biggest personality debates known to mankind. But what exactly does Introversion and Extraversion mean?

Many individuals may think that if you’re an introvert it means you’re quiet and an extrovert means you’re social. This may be partly true, but the true definition of these terms are based on how an individual stimulates their energy. An Introvert receives their energy best through themselves, whereas an Extrovert recieves their energy by being around others. cover There are also people who can be both an introvert and extrovert and that personality classification is known as Ambiverts. An ambivert will enjoy socializing with others in certain situations, but also have their down time as well.

Now, most people have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test, which I have a few times and I have landed in the category of an Introvert. However, there are some instances where I can be an ambivert as well, mostly in social environments like school and work. But, I mostly receive my energy stimulation best by myself and that is completely okay. An introvert’s mind is a lot different from an extrovert. Introverts experience more times of solitude, which means they take a lot of time to ponder. Now obviously, I don’t know what it’s like to be a full on extrovert, so I have no idea how their brain works, but I can imagine extroverts tend to crave more adrenaline than an introvert does and that’s okay.

I think often people have a lot of misconceptions about introverts because we live in an extroverted society.  We all know that most of this world is built for an extrovert personality, but according to author Susan Cain’s book called, “The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, ” she states, “One-third of the people we know are introverts.” So if this world is supposedly built for an extrovert, why are there a lot of introverts in the mix of it?

To answer this question I say that introverts bring a powerful balance to an extroverted world. Many people may think that introverts lack good communication skills, but that’s not true! Introverts can have just as good communication skills an extrovert, why? Because introverts are known to be great listeners and plus introverts will most likely listen to understand than to reply. Introverts also hate small talk communication. Instead, introverts enjoy having more meaningful deep conversations with others. According to an article posted from Today.com called “7 Suprising Reasons Introverts Make Better Partners,” they discuss how introverts are great in times of conflict. Introverts will tend to think twice before they decide to get into a conflict, but they usually try to avoid conflict pretty much altogether.

Typically, extroverts fulfill leadership positions, but introverts can make great leaders too. Why?successful_people_can_be_introverts_too_640_11 Because an introvert leader will listen to all the ideas from different individuals instead of just going off on their own ideas. Introvert leaders may not have a lot of network connections, but when they do their network connects are based on more one on one relationships with others. Also, some of the most greatest leaders in American history have been introverts. Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt and even Abraham Lincoln, fall into the category of introversion.

The point I’m trying to make is that we need to stop underestimating introverts in our society. Introverts have the power to make great communicators and leaders just like an extrovert does. So the next time you think of an introvert, remember the powerful balance they bring to this extroverted world.

— Kim

Photo images cred: GradeSlam & Amazing Facts (Google Images)

Featured Image Cred: Quiet Revolution

Why social media users need to stop the “savage” trend.

In the world of social media websites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram, it is not uncommon to come across one social trend known as acting “savage.”

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the word “Savage,” means fierce and uncontrolled. An example of “savage” is when a media user will create a post with statements that may be unfiltered and may come off as a bit sassy. Usually these posts are sarcastic, but other times they can have the potential to come off as very disrespectful.

Now, I’m a huge social media fan myself and I would be lying if I said I haven’t posted a sassy sarcastic post before, but I have had enough of this whole acting “savage” trend. The reason being that I feel like this trend is causing us to dehumanize each other. I think we sometimes we forget that after all the smiles and giggles by a sassy post; there’s a person behind a screen who has feelings. We tend to forget that not everyone enjoys the same types of posts as we do and what we may think is socially okay to post, may not be to another.

I find it interesting whenever I see twitter users sub-tweeting harsh statements about other people and those tweets get the most likes over the positive uplifting ones. Why is that? Why do we as a society think these posts are okay? I get that these posts can be funny and witty sometimes, but the “savage” trend is going way too far.

A friend once told me they liked the whole “savage” trend because they enjoyed being sassy with people. When I first heard this statement, I really didn’t know how to react. Yes, I do enjoy acting sassy sometimes myself, but honestly I wouldn’t want someone to act like that to me all the time because it can potentially cause a lot of hurt feelings. People may say I’m too sensitive about this issue, but I feel that we are not realizing the effects of this trend.

The problem of the “savage” trend is that it is slowly creeping into our personalities without us even realizing it. We may think that we are just joking around here and there, but if we are acting this way every so often, potentially our mentality is going to change when we fall into this trend.

There are so many posts, particularly among the millennial generation, that give advice about relationships, friendship or about life. Usually these social media posts respond with negative solutions instead of positive ones. For example, a relationships post on social media will usually result in us being mad towards the person we care about because our expectations aren’t being meant. And instead of working to keep the relationship with the person we care about, we end up hurting them because the savage trend tells us to stop caring about those who matter the most to us and worry about ourselves and what we “deserve.” And I don’t know about any of you, but this is a serious problem.

Right now, we live in a time where social media users receive instant gratification. We can post whenever want, we can binge watch YouTube videos whenever we want, we can do anything we want in the time that we want it when it comes to social media. But, we sometimes forget that there is no app for working at relationships, achieving success and etc in real life. Instead of listening to these savage relationship posts on social media that tell us to move on and get rid of the person we care about, we should do the opposite. We should truly care for the people that matter most to us and not give up on them just because we have hard feelings. It’s more cool to actually care for someone than to give up on someone.

With this being said, I hope next time you see a “savage” post or action, that you won’t get caught up in that mindset because the effects of this trend can affect you more than you realize. ALWAYS, remember that it is more important to be kind than to be “savage.” May god bless! 🙂

— Kim




Growing up with dogs: How I became a dog lover.

Dogs! We love them, we get annoyed by them, we talk in a weird baby voice to them and why do we do all this? Because dogs are such a wonderful an amazing blessing that each human can have the opportunity of the joy that comes with owning them.

This is my first dog named Pooh Bear.

unnamed (5)

Pooh Bear was a mixed breed collie who came into my family’s lives, before I was born. Pooh Bear was pretty old by the time I came a long. He couldn’t go up the stairs very often, but when he could I would have him sleep with me and he didn’t really enjoy that, but I sure did. My dog Pooh Bear was the first dog to make me a dog lover.

After Pooh Bear had to be put down due to his health and old age, our family adopted a new fur buddy named Buster. Buster was a beagle mix and he was the dog who I loved to tease with.

unnamed (6)

Buster instantly became my favorite buddy. He easily captured my heart, but he would always sneak out and cause trouble in the community. One time, the door was left open when I was off to my crochet lessons and Buster and my other dog Ralphie snuck out and Buster accidentally bit a kid who was riding a bike. That was the last memory with Buster because he unfortunately had to be taken away by the dog catcher for his rebellious deeds. I was very heartbroken over the thought of Buster being taken away from me, but I was grateful to have my other fur buddy Ralphie by my side.

Ralphie, where do I even start? Ralphie was a Rat Terrier Whip It Mix and he was a one of a kind dog. He had such a fun personality. He would howl at the chimes of the clock, beg for licorice, take your spot on the couch and sneakily eat your ramen noodles.

unnamed (7).jpg

I had Ralphie in my life since I was 9 I believe, till I was 19 years old. He spent a good portion of my life with me. Growing up, I discovered that I had a mental disorder which is known as anxiety. Anxiety has affected the way I think and feel towards pretty much everything and anything. Ralphie, was always there to comfort me during my panic attacks. He was also there during the biggest battle of my life, which was my battle of depression during my junior and senior year of high school. He had always had a way of sensing when I was upset and anxious. Ralphie was also my walking buddy. He loved walks and I would often take him for walks during the highs and lows of my high school career.

Back in 2014, Ralphie passed away due to having a tumor in his lungs. The night before he had to be taken to the vet to be put down, I stayed up with him to make sure he was okay. Seeing him to only keep standing up on four paws all night because that was the only way he could keep breathing was the hardest thing for me. I am eternally grateful for that last night with the dog who was always there for me. I still miss him a lot and I am so grateful for the role he played in helping with my anxiety and depression.

Currently, the dog in my life right now is my dog Charlie. Charlie was my first puppy I ever brought home. All the rest of my dogs were a few years old when my family adopted them, but Charlie was adopted two months after he was born. I got Charlie back in 2007, when I was in 6th grade. Charlie is a Goldendoodle, which is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle. Charlie become one of Ralphie’s new buddies and mine as well. Charlie is obsessed with playing fetch and he loves licking little toddlers because I think he thinks they’re puppies. I always love sneaking and taking photos with Charlie because he absolutely gets annoyed by them. He hates selfies and I find it very funny. He is not the most social and cuddly dog, but he will always wait up for me after I get home from a long night out with friend’s so we can go up to bed together and I love that.


Overall, having dogs in my life has blessed me so much. Each of my dog’s has brought me so much love, comfort and endless joy. I love the quote, “Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog!”

I love that quote because for me that quote is so true. No friendship can compare to a girl’s friendship with her dogs. I am so grateful for all the furry friendships I have been blessed to have. Love your dogs for they are truly a gift!

— Kim

New upcoming Netflix TV series causing uproar in the media and here’s why!

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing around YouTube and I came across a video of a trailer for a new Netflix TV series called “Dear White People.” I clicked on this video because the title of the series instantly caught my attention.  I watched the 34 secs video and I was left speechless.

“Dear White People,” is about a group of diverse college students who investigate racial and discriminatory issues.  Now, I personally believe that we still do have racist discrimination today in our society and we are foolish if we think otherwise. However, a show like this is not going to help end racist discrimination, it’s actually the quite opposite. In this trailer spot, the student points out acceptable Halloween costumes white people can wear. To have a show bash on race, whatever the race may be, is ethically wrong!

People might think that I’m offended because they might think, “She’s offended because she doesn’t realize how privileged she is.” First off, I do 100% believe that white people need to step up and be the voice to end racial discrimination. White people can deny it all they want, but they are the most privileged race in global society. But, this trailer is not about white privilege, it’s about promoting racial disrimination and that’s why I’m offended.I’m offended because I’m a humanist! I am person who embraces diversity in my life and I love every thing that celebrates human kind. I embrace the individuality and the values of what makes every human being unique. To have a show that in my mind, promotes us human beings to de-humanize each other by race is inhumane!  It’s interesting to see the comments on YouTube for this trailer TV spot. Most of the viewers are disturbed by this upcoming Netflix series. There are viewers who aren’t white who are offended. There are viewer’s who are African-American that are calling the show racist as well. This upcoming TV show isn’t heading toward the direction of ending racial discrimination, it’s promoting the unhealthy and inhumane ways to do so.

My fellow media users, do you not see what is coming for our society as human kind? Do you not see that the only people discussing the topic of racism is the media? Do you not realize there are people like George Soros out there, who purposely invest in this crap to create a division in the United States and potentially globally? Do you not see that the fall of human kind and the way we view each other is becoming PURPOSEFULLY skewed by falling for irrational beliefs? I say all of this not to offend, but to have all of us wake up and realize what is happening in our society. And the reality is that the media wants us to divide, they want us to de-humanize each other and to hate each other. If we want to end racial discrimination, we need to do so without the media. We need to do the opposite of the media. They’re promoting hate and the only thing we can do that’s opposite of them is to promote love for one other.

So Dear Human Kind, support and stand by each other, embrace one another and lastly love one another. Don’t understimate the power of love. May God Bless!



Why Equality is a Contradiction in Society

In modern 21st Century, many individuals in society have consumed the idea of “Equality.”

First off, what defines the term “Equality.” The definition of “Equality” means: to be in a state of equal; in quantity, value, degree, or ability. (Directionary.com) Many left-winged and right-winged individuals have a desire to achieve this overall goal of making males and females become equal. But the problem of all human beings becoming equal is that it destroys an individuals’ identity; if you really think about it. If each human being on this Earth was equal to everyone else, there would be no uniqueness. This is where “Equality” becomes a contradictory ideal in society. Society tells us nowadays to be “Unique” and to be “Ourselves,” but yet most of society are fighting for an ideal of equality that destroys uniqueness and individuality.

Being “Equal” in our abilities is an unrealistic ideology. WHY? Because men and women were created to perform different abilities. A woman’s ability is to birth and nurture a child. A man’s ability is to help create a child’s life and to support that child. Yes I agree, both men and women can do similar tasks like careers and parenting style, but when it comes to our ability to create life or our mental capabilities; the two genders are different. Women have a brain that can connect every piece of information with an emotional attachment to it. Men have a brain which works in compartments with a logical attachment to it. Men and Womens’ abilities are completely different in nature. If each human being had to think the same, act the same, be valued the same; it wouldn’t work because each gender was built to perform different tasks than the other gender. Men weren’t made for the abilities that women have; neither are women made for the abilities of men.

The only part of “Equality” that could work is equal pay. I believe women should be paid the same amount in the workplace. I also believe that men and women should be equal in the roles of marriage and in a family; to work together as one. But if society keeps striving to obtain this unrealistic agenda of “Equality” in everything, there wouldn’t be happiness, surprises or uniqueness. Everyone would just be a copy of everyone else and that is NOT supporting the society claims of being ourselves and being unique. Because when we become equal like everyone else, no one can express themselves and that to me is a terrifying thought.

So before society tries to fight for the overall goal of obtaining “Equality,” let us think of what we will be destroying and that is ourselves.